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Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council.

The Democrats and their “patron saint” BHO are crazy.  They really don’t have a clue how a free market economy works, nor are they apparently cognizant that we are in the midst of a recession…a recession brought on by policies adopted by their party:  prohibition of energy development, housing/financial market interference, and THE FED (Woodrow Wilson).

While their policies got us here, they have not passed on piece of legislation that would have helped us end the recession.  Instead, they continue to pass legislation that amounts to a “what not to do” guidebook such as:  increase spending, loosen the money supply, engage in trade protectionism.  One significant element of “what not to do” is to increase flippin government regulations/interference into an already comatose economy.

Yet that’s exactly what these numbskulls did.  While Lilly-Ledbetter will definitely hurt, what will kill small businesses and jobs even more is this ridiculous interference in wages, such as the minimum wage.  We already know the effects of minimum wage:  loss of entry level jobs, loss of opportunities for folks with little or no marketable skills.  Minimum wage hikes have been a disaster and are continuing to wreck havoc on employer and employee alike.  Last year, when the last minimum wage hike hit, college students coming off the school year could not find employment, nor could high school kids….these demographics jumped in unemployment literally at the same time the hike was imposed.

The latest comments from the Chief Economist at the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council makes the point very clear. 

Dems, clueless as ever…  watch unemployment continue to increase thanks to bonehead moves like this…

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