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Ford Posts $2.26 Billion Second-Quarter Profit

Ford Posts $2.26 Billion Second-Quarter Profit, Ending a String of Losses – washingtonpost.com.

Ford turned this profit by cutting costs (WOW, thats a novel concept) and making hard decisions on their corporate structure.  They NEVER took a bailout knowing that it would simply enable them to avoid those hard decisions.

Government Motors and Chrysler, avoided these hard decisions, continued with cosmetic changes and still declared bankruptcy.

This is an example of the kind of decisions the federal government should be making.  Ford found itself in dire times and CUT costs.  The federal government, well they spent more money.  Ford bought out hourly workers.  The Feds hired more.  Ford re-organized.  The feds stifled debate.

This Federal government simply is not capable of making the kind of CAPITALIST decisions necessary to rescue the economy in short order.  This economy will improve but it will be despite Obama, not because of him.  It will be because of companies like Ford who make the hard right decisions rather than the easy wrong ones.

Yes, I drive a Ford.  No way in hell I would be a GM or Chrysler now.

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