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How not to win support from police unions

How not to win support from police unions

From Hotair.  The President makes a statement regarding the incident without all the facts.  Is it any wonder we are dealing with this type of issue from this president?  Obama shows a pattern of knee jerk, half baked ideas.  Only Obama would urge congress to vote on bills nobody has read.  Only Obama would press congress to rush a stimulus package so full of pork that our children will be paying for it, and their children after them.

So when the president calls the actions of a police officer stupid with only half the information, we should not be surprised.  Sgt. James Crowley was confronted by a racist, belligerent man causing a public disturbance.  He exercised his authority to keep the peace by placing the professor under arrest for disorderly conduct.  The professor was warned repeatedly to stop yelling, as the Sgt. attempted to leave the scene.  It was Gates who made reference to the police officer’s mother.  It was Gates who made racist statements.  It was Gates who looked at the white officer and made assumptions based on race.  It is Gates who owes the apology to the officer.

To the police unions who supported Obama.  You should have known better.  This president is not your friend.  He will throw you under the bus in a second.  His first inclination was not to gather facts.  He instantly assumed the police officer was wrong.  Good work Obama. 

For a copy of the arrest report go here.

  1. Jorge
    July 23, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    It is interesting to me that no one in the media has mentioned the fact that of the two black men who were observed opening the door, only one managed to get himself arrested. Being a Harvard professor doesn’t automatically mean you are not also a hothead with a chip on your shoulder…………

    • Teddy
      July 24, 2009 at 1:19 pm

      Maybe you should read the whole story or does having an opinion mean you don’t have to have the facts. I guess that is so since that is what white police unions are saying our President did. The other black guy carrying luggage was Gates driver and he was already gone.

      DO NOT APOLOGIZE PRESIDENT OBAMA for the sake of every black man who got arrested, yelled at and treated badly by a racist over powered cop. Kinda like the one in Texas that conveniently quit after harrassing a black man while his father-in-law died. Interesting how CNN hasn’t brought that up but they found the story of this racist cop giving mouth to mouth over 15 years ago to black male. How interesting I guess we know who runs the media.

  2. July 24, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    I read the police report. You sir are the racist. You sir are the one assuming a police officer is racist because he responded to a call involving a possible break in. The police officer was acting exactly as trained. It is training not based on race but based on officer safety.

    When responding to the scene of a breaking and entering training dictates the house is tactically cleared and anyone found inside is restrained and identified. Once identification is made people can be released. If those people choose to become disorderly it matters little if they live in the house. They can be arrested for disorderly conduct. If anything the Sgt. reacted with more restraint then tactics permitted.

    The good professor decided to act in a way that exposed his racism. The good professor controlled the outcome from the beginning and has nobody but himself to blame. The good professor is the one who made lude comments. The good professor is the one who made this a racial issue. The good professor is a racist.

    I am all for a serious discussion on race. IT needs to examine racism from every angle. Including the arrogant liberal racism so often displayed by those who think they are better than everybody else.

    Good luck in life Teddy. With your racist closed mind the world is a sad place for you.

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