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The American Spectator : 2010

The American Spectator : 2010.

2010 is a pivotal year in American history.  It will mean much to the direction our nation will take:  continued path to 100% socialism (which is failed and evil) or its rejection and an embrace of capitalism.  It will determine if America will continue its journey to financial ruin, a worthless currency, Keynesian economics (also failed), gutted defense spending, unemployment well into double digits, unabated pork, and other fiscal and economic nonsense.

It may seem insurmountable, but so that was true back in 1994 except that the disillusionment will be far great, on a level of magnitude.  Everything I had predicted about BHO and the economy has come to pass and for those who want to believe that Keynes will “work”, that we can spend our way out of this, then you probably believe it’s safe for your daughter to take a ride in a car and drive over bridges with a Democrat. 

Naïve at best.

We are on a path to break all spending records, including those of WWII.  We are on a path to being taxed at well over 50% on all Americans.  Everything you were promised and told by BHO was a lie.  The Jewish State is in more peril than it has ever been.  There is no “reset” with the Russians as they have not helped in Iran, are driving wedges between the alliance and Germany, still dictate terms to Ukraine, Georgia, and other “near abroad” nations.  Iran’s hatred for us is as deep as ever and N. Korea cannot spend a week without firing off a battery of missiles.   

2010 will be the first round of Federal elections that will change the tide.  Americans will extricate themselves from the Democrat party in droves and some semblance of sanity will return.  In case you are not aware, even at their worst spending, the GOP-controlled congress did not allow deficits to run over $250 billion in a year.  The Democrats are on track to over $2 Trillion in one year and have been abusively profligate since 2007.

Fil “Filvis” Rechnitzer

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