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The Two War Strategy’s Last Stand?

The Strategy’s Last Stand?.

The two-war strategy is the point of retired USAF Gen. Robert Dudney’s article below and it is a good one.  Quadrennial Defense Reviews (QDRs) have been engaged in gutting our military ever since Clinton was president and that is a trend that needs to be reversed.  Our national security interest requires, no DEMANDS, that we continue arming, equipping, training, and organizing in preparation for a LEAST two major theater wars.  While I concur with Rumsfeld that two OCCUPATION armies need not be required, we certainly do need a Navy and an Air Force that can fight two major theater wars (but should be more appropriately titled:  Two Great Power Wars).

These little wars, these insurgencies, are indeed important to fight and win, but our force structure should not be dependent upon, nor planned around,  counter insurgency warfare AT THE EXPENSE OF the Great Power War (which is something that at least Rumsfeld understood but Gates does not).  For decades we have not had a SecDef worth much, but Rumsfeld’s forward thinking “skip a generation” concepts were “spot on” if they could have been funded and sustained.  Sadly, they were not transformational enough to survive Rumsfeld.

The current administration is jeopardizing our sovereignty by eliminating the very programs that keep our rivals “awake at night” (those systems that do indeed deter Great Power Wars are being gutted, and at a time when all over governmental spending is at record highs).

The two war strategy works, it allows our nation to act, while still able to defend or deter other adventurism.   We need a president that understands the basic nature of our national interest, and we don’t have that right now.

Fil “Filvis” Rechnitzer

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