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Is Palin’s national political career over?

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Is Palin’s national political career over?.

The only way this makes sense….wait…there is no way this makes sense. 

Palin has rock star status with some of the 9.12/Tea Party groups.

Pure speculation on my part.  She did not receive love from the republicans.  Could she be striking out on her own to head up a third party?  Perhaps a new 9.12/Tea Party organization?  Hard to do if your governor.  This move may not make such an effort easier but by washing her hands of the system and heading up a third party she could claim the move was necessary to embrace the ideals of those groups????

  1. July 6, 2009 at 7:36 am

    My theory…this is a very lucrative time for conservative talk radio.

    It is also a very good time for her to tell all in a book.

    One or both of these, and her publicist is (yes, publicist) is probably telling her to keep it all very mysterious for now. Let everyone think she’s faded into the background. If it is talk radio she’s after, then she’ll need to learn to stop putting her foot in her mouth quite so often. If it is a book, there would be time to research and cross-check to get all the facts right.

    She carries a reputation for being vendictive. Specific Republicans, and the media, who treated her badly during the campaign, will recieve a dose of hot revenge soon. She has a huge neo-con following.

    I wonder who her secret ghost writer is.

    If she does well in all this, then I think we’ll see her run in 2012. If not, we won’t see her again.

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