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House passes climate-change bill

 House passes climate-change bill – Lisa Lerer and Patrick O’Connor – POLITICO.com.

A bill voted on and not read…again.  Some of the highlights.

  • You will have to make sure your house is energy star efficient before it gets sold.  This will include the ability to charge an electric car.
  • The federal government has the power to override your neighborhood covenant’s.
  • Companies that leave the country as a result of this bill will still have to pay for any loans they took out to try and comply with the bill.
  • Unemployment benefits will be extended for those who loose their job as a result of the bill. (Yes, Pelosi says jobs but they acknowledge in their bill jobs will be lost.)
  • Any improvements to your house will have to be inspected to make sure they improve efficiency.

There is more but frankly I don’t have the stomach for it right now. 

The fact that a governing body could think it appropriate to dump a 300 page amendment on a major piece of legislation at 3 am the day of the vote is irresponsible, negligent and absolutely unforgivable.   The GOP alternative (not a fan of the GOP) used the market incentives to push green energy.

God I hope the Senate has the balls to overturn this.  The hidden taxes alone will cost the average family thousands of dollars a year.  Personally, I just can’t afford that kind of hit right now.

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