IRAN: Getting BAD.

A host of video’s.  Please observe your official content warning.

Granted those fighting in the streets probably like us about as much as any other Iranian.  I do admire their courage.  Those who fight against tyranny deserve respect.

If the powers that be continue their control it will by a pyrrich victory.  They will never be able to erase the dissent that boils just beneath the surface.  A government that oppresses so many is doomed for failure.

The one below shows a student getting shot, followed by his peers rescuing him.

Subtitles in the one below translate the fear felt by many.

This one features chants, “Death to Khemeini.

This one is unclear but appears to be feature shots being taken at the crowd by the Government.

This one is brutal.  Click here to watch.  This is the same murder caught on film.  Yea, you see the life leave her.  I believe it is her father who is screaming in despair.  Lets hope her sacrifice and the sacrifice of those fighting against the Iranian regime is not in vain.  The girl was with her father watching the protests. 

youtube version of woman murdered is below.  The Iranian Government is trying to obstruct many of these videos by lodging adult content complaints.  You have to sign up for a youtube account to see the youtube version.

More brutality here.  A woman is beaten.

The Basij breaks into a home in the middle of the night.  You do not see much but you do hear the screams of terror.

Lesson: A government that fears the people would not be so capable of this type of brutality.  Fear the government that seizes and centralizes power.

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