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Krauthammer on Obama’s speech: “Abstract, vapid, and self-absorbed”

Krauthammer on Obama’s speech

From my perspective the most offensive part of the speech was the moral indignation toward enhanced interrogation techniques.  Obama Interrogation raise the EIT to the level of torture, then smacks it down by saying we do not participate in such brutish behavior.

Does he realize who he talking to?

Here is a nice link about Egypt.  Some in Egypt have been put in wells, filled with water to their necks and rats.  The rats crawl on the head of the victim as he spends the night thinking about his/her options.  This is a technique used on people audacious enough to announce they were converting to Christianity. 

Many of the GITMO detainees can’t be returned to the countries in the audience because we are worried about what they will do to them.  Yes, I know we did rendition to some…guess what…Obama has not ruled out rendition.   Get your head around that for a minute.  We announce to representatives of states we are DONE with torture…the same states we are worried will kill/torture GITMO detainees upon their return.???

Saudi Arabia, not to be out done by Egypt has a few favorites.  Mostly it involves whipping and flogging people

Jordan has a list of favorites.  The agency involved was evidently discussed in a recent Hollywood movie.

Iran torture methods are nothing compared to a water boarding.  Ask anyone, “water boarding or stoning?”  I think we know what they would choose.  Even having the two in the same sentence is disingenuous.

UAE has its own torture website.  I bet the others are jealous.

Syria has been busy.  Its tough to keep up with the Mohammad’s in the Muslim world.

I could go on but I have to put the kids to bed.  You get the point.  For a US President to stand in front of representatives of the countries above and grovel about the United States betraying our values by using EIT methods is insulting, scandalous and just plain stupid.  Those leaders in that room maintain power, suppress political rivals and oppress religious freedom by utilizing REAL torture techniques we would never dream of. 

I can only hope this country will wake up to the amateur nature of this administration and demand a better course of action when it comes to our foreign policy.

It wasn’t hard finding the above.  A simple Google search will do.  Why a president would kiss the ass of those who benefit from the brutality of torture escapes me.

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