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California Reckoning – WSJ.com

California Reckoning – WSJ.com.

California has turned into a government intervention hell for its citizens and it’s no small wonder.  The government pays attention to unions and freeloaders/illegal immigrants and rarely the wage earner/entrepreneur/producer/taxpayer.  While the liberal legislature spends, spends, and spends, the state budget is now a fiscal, red, mess and, applying standard liberal ideology, the ONLY way out is to increase taxes (liberals never consider cutting the spending, not at federal or state level).


The good news for Californians (and it is rare) is that any new taxes must be approved by the citizenry…this is where the wage earner/entrepreneur/producer/taxpayer does have a say.  Today, that constituency will have their day in the sun as they reject 100% of the tax increases the government wants to impose.  So, it’ll be back to trying to balance the budget for spend happy Californian politicians.


Meanwhile residents are fleeing California to less imposing environs, further eradicating the tax base.  In the current recession, capital flight is also occurring here in the US as businesses take their producing capital and bolt to friendlier lands.  This attempt by California politicians to yet again increase an already punishing tax code sends a clear message to potential investors:  if you build it, we (government) will come….for your earnings!



Fil “Filvis” Rechnitzer

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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