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New York: Tax Capitol of the World

If you had read my earlier post “Rich States, Poor States”, that is the report The Wall Street Journal is referring to (American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC).  In that report, citizens of NY State were in “full flight” many fleeing to Georgia, the State’s taxes and intrusion into the “free” people of that state was too horrific.  Now New York has just become the number one taxing entity IN THE WORLD… somehow the Marxists of New York are under the full delusion that increased taxes brings prosperity…


The politicians of New York are unaware of The Laffer Curve, believe it doesn’t exist, and delude themselves into thinking that previous tax increases increased government revenue… I love the moment where The Wall Street Journal quips:


“(Yes, the pols in New York actually hold up New Jersey, whose economy and budget are also in shambles, as their role model.)”


Number 1 in taxation…NOT a statistic I would want my State to share…and thank the LORD I live in Florida, where we are MILES away from New York in taxation.



Fil “Filvis” Rechnitzer

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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