Terrific piece that illustrates what happens when we don’t “finish the job.”  The history we’ve had with Iraq since 1991 is covered here and clearly highlights the many ways in which Saddam Hussein DID INDEED ATTACK US (note the SAM attacks “almost daily” comment against our fighter pilots; the Democrats don’t consider this an attack…their sneer against our military is well noted in this regard) and was the number one threat to our national security.  Only liberals believe that Saddam wasn’t…well only when a Republican was president (and the polls warranted such action), when Clinton was president they were all about “regime change.” 

The good news is that thanks to President George W. Bush, we no longer have to concern ourselves with the threat from Saddam..EVER.

But not finishing the job merely cedes the responsibility to deal with the threat upon our children.  Leaving Afghanistan because we lost the will to fight there will hand al Qaeda and the Taliban a victory and an entire nation to freely exploit in an effort to train and plan the global Jihad/terror again.  It will hand al Qaeda a massive PR victory, one that Bush prohibited with the Iraq win.  It will mean our children will be forced to handle the situation years down the road.

Great read, a tad long but a very different take on why we’re in Afghanistan and why we must stay…


Fil “Filvis” Rechnitzer
US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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