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Obama Philosophy 101

BHO’s protection of our enemies is yet another sad example of a party more concerned about the perpetrators and our enemies, than about the victims and our country. So that the Democrat Party understands this basic element: al Qaeda are not signatories of the Geneva Convention and even if they were, their behavior on the field of battle is illegal, inappropriate, and in violation of all forms of international law.


They are at best illegal combatants as the Law of Armed Conflict would attest..but the fact is we don’t want to ID them as POWs, nor as criminals. Enemy combatant was the perfect definition and it meant that we could hold these barbarians indefinitely thus protecting our nation and our citizens.


But BHO wants to give them rights…


Fine, but I say these newly minted “criminals” should be house in Illinois…





US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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