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Following The Taliban Money

The Strategy page is truly a wonder because of all the sites I track, the reporting, thinking, and analysis are out-of-the-box.  I find that their analysis of what’s happening over here seems to match the realities more than the usual “we’re losing, Taliban control everything, Kabul is surrounded” and all that…

I can certify that the youth I speak with here in this country cannot stand the older generations.  I had one even tell me that the only way to solve the problems “..is to kill all the adults over 50…”

What is a “Taliban” may actually be a drug lord, or a leader exploiting a situation.  “Talibanization” or alliances are fleeting, and can be “day-by-day” here.  One of the powers of the central government is to appoint governors of provinces, which is a good thing actually because it means the “governor” is Karzai’s “man” and connection with the governor is access.

You’ll note that when the Taliban were in charge, the activities of modernity were banned:  TV, computers, cell phones, and on and on.  While the Taliban now could not hope to operate without them, they are windows to a greater world and illustrate how many centuries behind Afghanistan truly is…

The Taliban are indeed losing, not winning…but they are a scrappy bunch to be sure…

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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