Atlas Shrugged

In my never ending battle to destroy the evil that is liberalism and socialism, I often refer to Ayn Ran’s body of work to help “shut ’em down.”  Liberals do not have a contemporary mind that holds a candle to Rand and anyone familiar with “Atlas Shrugged” or “The Fountainhead” knows that to be a fact.

“Atlas Shrugged” is a must read especially today, the prescience of the story literally equate what we see happening today.  Rand warned us about liberalism, socialism, and collectivism decades ago…she “saw this coming” and her fears are coming true.

I have many friends and associates who fully believe now that government is the answer and that the free market failed.  The gawd-awful news network CNN continued its tirade against Capitalism the other day by blaming “deregulation”, the free market, and greedy CEOs for all this, while the true culprit, government regulation, the Democrat Party of the United States, and “statism” were the true cause.

The interview holds a quote that my readers should recognize, because I’ve been espousing this for years:

“We need to liberate the economy from the regulatory shackles that led banks to make unsound loans. We need to slash taxes and government spending, and start to rebuild capital. We need to end the bailouts, the nationalizations, and stimulus bills that are delaying recovery by propping up businesses that need to be liquidated…”  My good friend Annie Neems would absolutely love this particular el ement:   “We need to end the Federal Reserve’s attempts to engineer the economy and, eventually, abolish the Fed altogether.”  (Props to you Annie and your efforts to educate us all about the evil and power of the Fed). 


Milton Friedman believed monetary policy could be used to enable capitalism, but he was opposed to the Fed into today’s configuration believing that monetary policies should be left on auto pilot with “triggers” that would be enacted to either tighten or restrict the money supply.  I concur, if we’re going to have a Fed, then we need to ensure its intrusion is at the minimal.

The basic element of Rand’s theories are the free commerce of free people exploring their self interest.  In essence, individualism.  It is ironic that Rand was an atheist, because the very idea of individualism that has helped the West become the most successful culture ever to exist was the individualistic concept introduced to the us through the ACTUAL messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ and Christianity.  Prior to Christ, the world’s cultures were collective and nowhere near as productive as the Christian world would become; the nature that is individualism manifested from an understanding of Christ’s message.  Individuals have value, ALL individuals. 

Collectivism and statism are the evil hallmarks of the Democrat party.  It is not for love of country, but love of government that Democrats pursue.  Hatred for individual is their the me.  It should not escape notice to any observer of this party’s culture will see they prefer to discuss people in terms of the group they belong too, and underscore “class” as if that is somehow the reason for the misfortunes of many (poo poo-ing the idea that perhaps their decisions are the real culprit).

The only way out of this, the only chance we have to ensure liberty and the success of our great nation, is to embrace free market principles.  Unfortunately, the American people elected the very party responsible for our current affairs, and put into power an ideology hateful to our way of life.

I urge all to read Ayn Rand, and perhaps consider purchasing a subscription to the “Objectivist Standard”…


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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