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The Obama Gaffe Machine

I’d have to say our greatest friend is Israel just based on UN voting record, and Australia a close second, followed by the UK. Still, the UK and the USA have indeed been “tight” for 1.5 centuries now.

The utter slap-in-the-face BHO gave to Gordon Brown by returning the bust of Winston Churchill represents a complete and utter lack of class. The term “empty suit” befits BHO more than any other president. With his record spending, record deficits, and complete betrayal of our allies, he’s making even Carter look good at this point and that is hard to say.

Talk about a lonely world we will soon live in as ally after ally gets the brush off from this clueless president.


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

*Editor Note:

Hillary added her own brand of incompetence to the BHO administration with the button gaffe.  BHO’s staff basically says he is in over his head.  Can’t say that any of this is a surprise.  In fact, its exactly what I and many others thought this administration would be like.  I just had hoped I was wrong.

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