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Betraying Our Friends

Now of all the complaints I have against liberals, this one is up there with cutting defense expenditures as being the most insidious.  And liberals excel at back-stabbing our friends.  The list is long:  Vietnam, Iraq (they wanted to surrender Iraq to al Qaeda), Iran (the Shah), Poland (ever since WWII), Serbia (we bombed Christians for doing the same thing the other side was doing), Namibia (we did the same thing to them as we did Vietnam), Nicaragua (liberals preferred a murderous communist regime stay in power and leave our Contra allies hanging), El Salvador (liberals wanted a communist regime to murder their way to power), Cuba (their love affair with Castro and Che is legendary, while the good people of Cuba continue on in misery).

BHO has made it a de-facto foreign policy direction:  back stab our friends to appease our enemies.  Like nothing more than getting rid of an old shoe, BHO is making deals with our foes by selling our friends under the bus.  Iraq, E. Europe, S. America,Israel, the far east are all nothing but bargaining chips or not worth the effort.  It should be no surprise that BHO operates like this, he did it in his personal life as well:  William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, and Louis Farrakhan…mere means to an end. 

His brother lives in a shack and his aunt lives in squalor as an illegal alien.

As our enemies chomp at the bit for the fire sale happening supporting their interests at the expense of our friends, we have to remember that when liberals say they want the world to like us more, what they mean is:  “We could care less what our friends think of us, we care more what our enemies think of us.” 

The words of Winston Churchill are stark reminders of the evil that is liberalism and appeasement:  “You had a choice between dishonor and war,  you chose dishonor, and you will have war.”  This was said to Chamberlain after the deal he made with Hitler that essentially sold Czechoslovakia down the river and led to Poland and the most devastating war in mankind’s history.


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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