The Republicans have not had a good run of oratory skill since Reagan which is a problem.  Republicans win when the Democrat they oppose are also not very good either (like Dukakis, Mondale, Gore, and Kerry), but when the Republican faces a stellar speaker (like Clinton or Hussein), then there’s trouble.

The Democrat candidate has it easy.  He owns an enabling press who refuse to call him out on anything he says or any policy he presents.  This is why Biden could gaffe his way through the VP debate, not state anything factual, and not be taken to task for it.  It certainly explains why someone who has accomplished nothing, has no executive experience, and spent only 2 lackluster years as a junior Senator can become president.

Democrats can even use doublespeak at will, as Sowell suggests.  BHO can get right up there and say he will support military benefits and then turn right around and submit a budget that calls for cuts in military benefits and no one cares. 

Military benefits are quite different than redistribution of wealth programs like welfare, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and 100% of all the other social programs pushed by Marxists of the Democrat party because when we’re talking about military benefits we’re talking about something that is indeed EARNED.  It is part of the compensation, not given away as a freebie.  It is contractual in nature.  For those who take issue with military benefits, that’s an important distinction we ought not to forget.  When the Federal Government says:  “Commit to 20 years of your life in service for poor pay and we’ll provide you and your immediate family lifetime health care for fee” and then turns around and starts demanding payment, that is a problem.

Aside from all that, BHO is able to say whatever he wants, not unlike Hitler, because his oratory skills are phenomenal.  His skill as a policy maker are woefully inadequate, but he can sure talk a good game and that’s all the publik skul educated masses seem to care about.


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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