View From the Cockpit


Picture recovered from the wreckage of a Mig 29 shot down by Cesar Rodriguez. Recovered from HUD display hardware by US military intel.

This long article is an absolute MUST READ by every single American.  I had heard about dogfights in Gulf War I before and we saw blip footage of air action from the Kosovo war at the Combined Air Ops Center (CAOC) in Vicenza, but reading about it in the context of the major debate of our Air Force today is exceptional.

You are going to read about the F-15 and the F-22 in terms of those who fly them.

Bottom line, we don’t own air dominance, we earn it.  It is not ceded to us, we have to fight for it.  The fact that we have owned it for 30 years is a testament to our Air Force planners and leaders and yes, the “fighter mafia” that everyone seems to hate.  Not one American ground pounder has been lost to enemy aircraft since Korea and that is not an “accident.”   I sometimes wonder if our sister services fully realize what the Air Force provides in terms of “the big picture.”  

The need for the F-22 cannot be any clearer after reading this excellent, excellent piece.  We are woefully under-funding, and under-supplying our Air Force and thus rolling dice with air dominance.  Without air dominance, we invite disaster on the battlefield.

NOTE:  As you read through the below, it is important to remember that President George W. Bush was an Air Force fighter pilot flying F-105s during the Vietnam era, he never flew the more advanced F-4 or F-15.  Little Lord Fauntleroy Vice President Al Gore was a military journalist, and Senator John “Swiftboat” Kerry spent 3 months on a Swift boat, got paper cuts, and came back in time to disparage his service in uniform (and throw someone else’s medals over a fence in protest).  B. Hussein Obama didn’t bother to serve at all.


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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