Upstate NY Beheading

This whole beheading in W. New York and the lack of media coverage is just killin’ me as you can tell. Apparently the folks in Upstate New York are used to beheadings and so don’t consider this necessarily newsworthy. Note to New Yorkers who find nothing unusual about this behavior, don’t come to Florida with that particular nuance, we’re armed in Florida, are allowed to carry weapons, and we are also allowed to engage anyone we consider to be a threat to our lives. Beheaders would be included in that list.

Apologists such as multiculturalists, liberals, and Islamist activist groups are attempting to explain this away as just another run-of-the-mill domestic violence case and that honor killings is nothing more than that—domestic violence.

But that isn’t true. Phyllis Chesler writing in the Middle East Quarterly provides a very in-depth report discussing the very difference between honor killing and domestic violence and the differences are striking.

As I’ve articulated, the problem is becoming more pronounced now in America and all over the West. We are allowing some very disturbing elements immigrate to our country, elements who find nothing particularly wrong with capital discipline of women who do not follow whatever the familial “party line” might be.

I urge you all to read this and to keep up your awareness of this issue. Women are the key victims here and liberals could care less.  Multiculturalism is yet another one of their disturbing religions (as well as environmentalism, political correctness, hatred of Christianity, and hatred of the military) that seems unconcerned with the plight of a minority that cannot possibly protect themselves.

Look at the picture of Amina and Sarah and ask if this is nothing more than “domestic violence” as CAIR and other Islamists would have you believe…


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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