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Uncertainty on the Economy

President Hussein is not stupid, which is why he’s citing that this will take years to fix.  He knows darned good and well this is a crap sandwich which will do nothing to help the economy.  Any 1st year economist student knows all we need do is adopt free-market policies and this economy can be fixed within months, not years.  Reagan proved it, “W” proved it, in fact, every single time there has been a tax cut aimed to help entrepreneurs, producers, and wage earners, the economy corrects from recession to recovery.

This stimulus package takes no account of the free market’s power into consideration.  It is just public sector spending on liberal programs and that’s all… this is why the stock market reacted the way it did, it knows full well that this is an assault on the free market, versus an attempt to help grow it…

For the record, GDP is not measured in government growth, it is a measure of the growth of the private sector… “A measure of the total value of goods and services produced by the domestic economy during a given period, usually one year”


It is not a measure of the growth of the public sector, which is what this bill does, grow government…

So far, the root causes that got us here:  government intervention into energy, housing , and financial markets, have remained unchanged…  in fact, President Hussein is continuing to ensure energy supplies are tightened by eliminating executive orders that opened up resources…

Enjoy the decade long recession America, you voted for it…


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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