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First Signs Of Stimulus Failure

Yes, I realize I am lumping the stimulus efforts and bailouts in the same boat.  Technically, they are not the same.  Realistically, the cause similar behaviors from their intended benefactors.

The first signs of stimulus failure are upon us.  The automaker bailout courtesy of the Bush Administration created the unintended consequence of difficult contract negotiations between the UAW and GM.  Why negotiate when the government is willing to fill your coffers with money.  The bailout removed the incentive to trim the fat and deal in reality. 

Fiscal conservatives were right about this and predicted it.  Look for them to be right about other predictions associated with the pork bill passed as a stimulus bill. 

Bottom line, bailouts only delay the inevitable. 

GM has demanded more bailout money.  Saying NO is the sane thing.  Look for Obama to do the crazy thing and grant more of our cash.

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  1. February 15, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    Fiscal conservatives having no representation in either major party, will continue to be ignored. At least Obama is squandering money at home instead of abroad.

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