Looks like someone out there is actually using synaptic cognizance and realizing that we maaayyy  not quite have enough F-22s to guard the world, maintain air dominance, and ensure our sovereignty.  And believe it or not, it is the US Senate that is trying to save the day.

I don’t have many positive things to say about Congress since Jan 2007, but I have to applaud their efforts here.  The more we learn about this airplane, the more its abilities are dropping jaws.  Recently Lockheed Martin provided detailed information about this “Sky King” which included better than predicted, reported, or expected stealth capabilities.  The Raptor is a modern engineering marvel and fears nothing else in the air, either currently or planned.

One thing is a certainly, if we’re going to spend, we need to do so within the context of the Constitution and direct money on defense.  We are hurting in procurement, and with fielding upgraded, modern systems.  Across-the-board all of our platforms are aged and our air force has been fighting now for 19-straight years.  That kind of intense flying cracks wings, fuselages, and overall platform integrity–F-15s are so badly worn out, they are literally falling apart in the skies.  Meanwhile Great Power rivals such as Russia and China are beginning to field modernized defense systems that the F-15 cannot defeat, and fielding Su-type platforms that have proven too overwhelming for the venerable Eagle–Indian pilots flying Su fighters defeated our F-15 folks in wargames, until the arrival of the F-22.  “Shooting fish in a barrel” best described what the F-22 is doing to all rivals.

There is other good news as well from the Senate.  The hated RINO Sen Collins may be the one last voice that can save the DDG-1000, she’s not giving up on that system, and now the Democrats “owe her one.”

We are living in interesting times.

Below is a petition to save the Raptor.  If you feel like I do that the Raptor is an absolute necessity for our sovereignty, consider signing the petition:



Very Sincerely,

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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