Iraq Stability

Terrific article below and we have one man and one man only to thank:  President George W. Bush.  Outside of the Gulf States, Iraq is quickly becoming THE most stable government going and it represents the exact form of government we’re supposed to WANT to see:  Secular, accountable, democratic, free market, allied, with congruent foreign policy interests.

I know liberals don’t get the “he’s our friend” concept, which is why they threw the Shah under the bus, and Namibia in the 1970s, but in this case Iraq isn’t a haven for human rights violations–their usual complaint.  It fills all the squares except for the fact that we wouldn’t have this grand friend were it not for enemy number 1, President Bush.

(I love how BHO disparaged President Bush.  Hey liberals, for the record, the following is reality:  BHO did not defeat President Bush, he defeated liberal lite Senator McCain.  Furthermore, in case you missed this, President Bush is undefeated in campaigns against liberals, even when the might of the entire criminal liberal media weights in against him… UNDEFEATED.  So snack on that).

Now, even at the expense of our foreign policy interests in the volatile Middle East, liberals cannot get past that President Bush’s presidency was a success.  In fact, it was such a success that it resulted in the greatest foreign policy win since the Cold War and corrected a major league Jimmy Carter mistake:  we regained a friend in the heart of the Middle East; but this time, we gained a full up democracy!!  That is the first time in the HISTORY of the Middle East proper, outside of Turkey and Israel, that we’ve seen this.

Way to go President Bush.  And BHO?  He should follow the advice below, unless he’s absolutely daft (which I would argue he is).


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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