Free Trade

Folks, free trade agreements help American manufacturers.  This is supported by documented analysis of export sales, and also by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) who are big fans of free trade agreements.  By lowering tariffs on our goods, foreign consumers can more readily afford American manufactured products, such as Caterpillar earthmover’s.

By basic definition, exports are those goods and services that Americans are not buying but foreigners will.  They help our businesses as added sales equates to success and continued growth.  Why on earth any leader or citizen would be opposed to increasing exports is beyond my comprehension, but yet here we are with free trade agreements blocked in Congress and many conservatives supporting increased barriers to trade, aligning themselves with the Marxists and interventionists across-the-aisle.

The Colombia Free Trade Agreement is one such example of missed opportunity.  Because the Democrats in Congress blocked the free trade agreement, Caterpillar has to endure a $100,000 per unit tariff cost to each earthmover it sells.  Accordingly, sales are adversely impacted as Colombians hold back on buying merchandise with that kind of added price and opt for cheaper, less effective, goods.

It is essential to note that when gas prices started to increase, what saved our economy from earlier ruin was indeed our robust export sales.  Exports are best helped by free trade agreements as barriers to trade are significantly reduced.  Prior to the Democrat-induced worldwide financial trouble, statistics on free trade agreements were surprising:  For every nation the US has a free trade agreement with, the US also enjoyed a TRADE SURPLUS.  This goes against the convention that trade liberalization results in trade deficits for our country:  false, false, false, false and anyone who subscribes to such should include source documents that show trade deficits with free trade agreement nations.

Please excuse me while I refuse to hold my breath.

NAM understands the point very adeptly, which is why they want more free trade agreements.

It is also quite telling that those who are against free trade agreements are in alignment with Unions and the Democrat Party of the United States…certainly not company I would want to agree with ideologically, not on any day, not at any moment, and never.  By the way, with respect to that despicable entity known as “the union”, I never accepted the bumper sticker line that “at one time unions were necessary” or were ever a good thing for our country (the “Robber Baron” myth).  Not true, not ever.  Their beginnings manifested from the murderous anarchic movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and were later subsidized by the Soviet COMINTERN.  So no, I do not hold that unions were necessary or a good thing.

I’ve been fighting Marx and his failed, murderous ideology my entire adult life.  So no, not buying what any union says on any level.


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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