Culture Watch

Yes, the great Nancy Morgan with another terrific Culture Watch edition. 

BHO is showing all the class we can expect from a corrupt apostate, Marxist, Kenyan who affiliates with murderers, terrorists, felons, anti-Semites, and other anti-American activists.  He’s really not that far removed in behavior than the trailer-trash Democrat president from the 1990s whose incompetence allowed al Qaeda to grow into a international terror network capable of attacking our shores.

Mr “Brainiac” Hussein needed a Mulligan on his inauguration, and people call President Bush an idiot?  Puhleease.

His first actions were to dismantle institutions that have proven essential to our defense, and to approve taxpayer funded murdering of babies.  Like the Great Sarah Palin said:  “Keep the change.”

George Bush was an amazing president and BHO, who has accomplished NOTHING, is not worthy of licking that man’s boots.

Good news about the New York Times, their stock is now “junk” just like the rag they publish.  Hope it dies…NO BAILOUT for Pravda!   We can only hope that WaPo and Time Magazine falls as well.  You’ll recall Time Magazine, they made Hitler “Man-of-the-Year” in the 1930s, as well as Yassir Arafat in the 1990s.

Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, and Human Events are humming right along.  Good job guys, your stock is not “JUNK”!


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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