Missing Bush

I already miss him.  Not 1-2 days into it, I miss President Bush already.  B. Hussein’s first order of business was to start tearing down institutions that helped keep us safe.  He has stopped the proceedings against Gitmo detainees and has ordered Gitmo shut down.  Wow, what acumen!  What uncanny wisdom!  I suppose it doesn’t concern this President that the families of 9/11 do not find these decisions very amusing.  Nor do the service men and women and the innocent civilians of Iraq and Afghanistan who bear the brunt of the violence the Gitmo detainees will bring BACK to the battlefield once released, as so many often do.  

This is not a game Mr Marxist, your appeasement and naive “Jimmy Carteristic” view of the world will endanger all peoples, not just Americans.

You’ll recall that Jimmy Carter felt the same exact way, that human rights trumped national security, and because he felt that way, the good citizens of Iran and Afghanistan and others in Africa were forced to live under the auspices of either war or hellish regimes.  Jimmy Carter didn’t care, so long as the regime was Marxist or not an ally, that was fine by him.

So much for human rights.

Bush protected us, he took the fight to the enemy, he didn’t buckle, he acknowledge for the first time that Islamofascism was at war with American and America was now at war with it.  He marginalized al Qaeda, destroyed al Qaeda in Iraq, made Abu Say eff and Jemah Islamyia “also rans.”  55 million people are now far more free than their citizens have ever been in their histories, and Democrats would have preferred they not be, and Thank God Bush remained firm. 

A lesser man, say Bill Clinton, would not have handled that kind of heat at all.  Clinton proves that every time he’s asked a question he doesn’t want to answer, he gets red-faced, puffy-lipped, and starts to berate the questioner ,all the while refusing to answer the question.  “I didn’t have sex with that women, Miss Lewinsky” as he pointed his finger at us.  Democrats still fawn over that trailer trash of a president. 

You’ll miss Bush too, as the corruption and scandals of Obama’s picks are just now beginning to take hold, as I predicted they would.  Richardson will hopefully go to jail for a “REAL” crime, not the trumped charges of “Bush lied” nonsense (and he didn’t).  And that’s another point we’ll miss, that for the first time since his father, we had a moral White House without ethical issues full of upstanding citizens, the only issue–which was a non-issue–was Scooter Libby’s forgetfulness about a crime that didn’t happen.

Farewell President Bush.  To B. Hussein, you are already proving to be the PoS I knew you would be..it didn’t take you one single day to prove my doubts to be sincere.  For what its worth, you should be held personally accountable to all those who will lose their lives at the hands of a released illegal combatant from GITMO.

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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