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The Most Unethical Secretary of State, EVER.


I “get” why Hussein picked Clinton to be Sec of State, its about keeping your enemies closer.  That’s standard for Democrats, its all about the politics and “how does this help me?”  Its never about what’s good for the country.

Hillary Clinton has zero experience in international relations, and very little executive experience.  Her big national scheme for health care was disastrous and almost ruined her husband’s presidency–which is why Dick Morris advised Bill to “86” Hillary from policy and have her be the “Pretty in Pink, event scheduler, dinner party hostess, trip goer first lady get her out of policy” person.  When Bill embraced her return to help with Paula Jones, she again brought him disastrous advice which led to his impeachment.

She also has SIGNIFICANT corruption issues which could lead to foreign powers now having leverage against our country.

Did BHO take any of this into account?  Nope.  He could care less how damaging she would be to our nation, or her corruptive, crooked ethics, so long as she cannot damage him as an official of the Democrat opposition.

Below some very good questions about this corrupt monster that, of course, will never be asked nor answered.


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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