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BHO Backs Another Bush Policy

What the????!!!  Am I dreaming???  You mean, BHO has just admitted that what George Bush and the US military have been doing for the past 8 years has actually been the correct course of action?  Or are we to believe it is only NOW correct because BHO has the pill.

Didn’t candidate B. Hussein criticize Bush for these policies that he now says are “spot on.”

Marginalizing bin Laden was absolutely the correct course of action.  Take the fight to the enemy in their back yard was the correct course of action.  Taking out Saddam Hussein while goading al Qaed to come to Iraq was the correct course of action.

Now “The Messiah” gets it… but where’s the press on this?  Why are they not reporting that BHO CONCURS with Bush on this?  Where is the “attaboy” to Bush and the US military for being conceptually years ahead of the “Community Organizer” when it comes to strategic implementation of differing courses of action?

But look below, CBS is now, right before our very eyes, re-writing CURRENT history by proclaiming that it was BUSH who had a “dead or alive” policy, not BHO.  While we most certainly DID pursue Osama, and would have loved to capture him, marginalizing him and his organization was the primary focus.  It makes me sick to my stomach to hear that what we have been doing all along will be misrepresented and that PoS BHO will take credit for marginalizing BHO.


Next he’ll be telling us that it itsn’t wise to increase taxes on the rich during a recession…. OH WAIT!


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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