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Obama and the Prosecution of Bush Officials

Funny.  If they do prosecute Bush administration officials they are going to have to go back to the Clinton administration which actually used the same criteria for stress oriented interrogations.   He is also going to have to throw Nancy Pelosi under the bus.  Her and her democratic cronies authorized the tactic, supported it, right up to the moment it became politically profitable to use it against Bush.   See below:  Full story here.  Obama CAN NOT hit bush without taking out Pelosi who KNEW what was going on with stress oriented interrogation tactics.

Beginning in 2002, Nancy Pelosi and other key Democrats (as well as Republicans) on the House and Senate Intelligence Committees were thoroughly, and repeatedly, briefed on the CIA’s covert anti terror interrogation programs. They did nothing to stop such activities, when they weren’t fully sanctioning them. If they now decide the tactics they heard about then amount to abuse, then by their own logic they themselves are complicit. Let’s review the history the political class would prefer to forget.

According to our sources and media reports we’ve corroborated, the classified briefings began in the spring of 2002 and dealt with the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, a high-value al Qaeda operative captured in Pakistan. In succeeding months and years, more than 30 Congressional sessions were specifically devoted to the interrogation program and its methods, including waterboarding and other aggressive techniques designed to squeeze intelligence out of hardened detainees like Zubaydah.

Obama’s hedging on this because he NOW knows there was NOT a violation of US law when it comes to the tactic.  He has been given a glimpse as to what was going on, assessed it based on our current policies, and realizes there is nothing there.  This does not prevent the prosecution of a rogue element from being sacrificed.  For instance, a group that took things to far.  At first blush, the Obama admin is realizing this group either does not exist or is going to take awhile to uncover.  I’m guessing they will not find anything.  The methods simply were not used to extent thought.


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