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Al Qaeda Near Defeat

What if you won a war but the media didn’t report it?  Recently, I forwarded evidence that we had essentially won the Iraq War.  Today, US counter terrorism officials claim that we have essentially defeated al Qaeda, by all intents and purposes. 

No headlines?  Nope.  Not surprising, I don’t recall headlines for defeating the El Salvadoran Marxist insurgency either, do you?

Next up, The Taliban.

That isn’t to say we just pack up and leave.  This is counter terrorism or counter insurgency efforts we’re engaged in and that is equivalent to having our boots on the enemy’s throat:  while the boots keep the enemy down, the moment we let our boots up, the enemy can regain strength and become a threat again.

We marginalized bin Laden to the point of insignificance.  If he’s anything, he’s a figurehead only.  What the media refused to ever report is the fact that bin Laden failed at every goal he attempted, every one.  Let us count the ways:

  • No global caliphate
  • Did not prevent development of Iraqi Constitution
  • Could not prevent emergence of Iraqi democracy
  • Could not prevent Iraqi elections
  • Does not control Iraq, Saudi, Afghanistan or any other nation state
  • Official defeat in Iraq
  • The US now has MORE presence in the Middle East since 9/11 and MORE allies there than ever before

These are long wars, and we must maintain the effort to keep the enemy down. 

Congratulations to President Bush, the US Military, our intelligence services, law enforcement, and yes, even the State Department (Condi’s efforts to develop international relationships and support helped shut down al Qaeda funding and terror cell coordination–all vital components to al Qaeda’s defeat).

No thanks to the Democrat Party of the United States and the criminal, liberal media, who did everything in their power to undermine the war effort.


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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  1. January 11, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    Funny how you don’t hear anything about Iraq these days. I guess good news is not news. Keep up the great posts.

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