Obama and the S-300

Very significant event happening here with major league international relations’ subtext as STRATFOR so astutely points out below.  Couple issues STRATFOR hit and one it did not address:

What will BHO do?  Will he do nothing (and appear weak–very possible)?; will he give the Russians what they want (appease)?; or will he defend the interests of the United States?  Forget the last scenario, liberals these days rarely take actions that are in US interests, so its between 1 or 2.  Since the left is in love with accommodation, he will choose appeasement because that’s what a Democrat does best.

The S-300 and what it means to our Air Force.  The S-300 SAM is not some dime store air defense system, it is state-of-the-art.  Since Saddam’s SAM system back in 1990 worked to great affect against our F-15s and F-16s, the significance of the S-300 and later variants cannot be overstated.  Which is why we need more of the F-22, not less.  Unfortunately, our Secretary of Defense feels the F-22 is a luxury.  This decision will cost lives, and the sound of exploding F-15s/F-16s if we do indeed have to take more aggressive action against Iran

But Iran isn’t the only problem.  The Russians have significant S-300s and the even more advanced S-400s.  What this means is, should a Great Power war occur, we would be hard pressed to prosecute anything over the Russian homeland because Gates prefers the F-15 and UAVs and won’t invest in F-22s at the appropriate level (the only air superiority platform we have which can defeat these systems).  It certainly spells doom for ground operations since the Air Force would be hard pressed to obtain the air superiority needed to protect our “boots on the ground.” 

The bottom line, and this has been said before.  We can afford to lose Afghanistan and even Iraq, just like Vietnam…it didn’t pose a direct threat to US survival.  However, we cannot afford a Great Power war loss (just ask Austria-Hungary, Czarist Russia, Kaiswer Germany, the Ottoman Empire, etc..), we absolutely must not so weaken ourselves that we face defeat at the hands of another Great Power.  It is indeed planning for the next war, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that…planning for the future is the ideal.  Gates’ bizarre problem with “next-war-itis” is confusing to any strategist. 


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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