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Roman Empire Fell; US Comparison

The number one job of government is to protect its people.  That means defense spending should take priority over all other spending.  Yet, we are woefully inadequate in this regard.  Our military sorely needs appropriations and reinvestment, we cannot afford not to.  Rival Great Powers are upgrading their defenses at record speed, primarily Russia and China, and minor powers Iran and Venezuela are also in military hyper drive.

Yet we squander spending on unconstitutional programs that will afford us nothing but bankruptcy.  While the Russians sent their top-of-the-line warship through the Jimmy Carter giveaway Canal, our Navy has to scrap plans for its top-of-the-line destroyer the GD-1000.  While brand new MiGs are now appearing in the skies, the Air Force will have to close down its only existing next generation fighter liner, the F-22 because Congress won’t fund it.  Congress would rather bail out Wall Street and the Car company’s and let the military die on the vine.

We can easily afford the appropriations needed to keep us, (and yes) the world safe.  No one else will do so.  The European West has all but given up any semblance of a standing military…

I find is laughable that liberals are all about spending, so long as it is not military spending…there are 3,000 families in NY that, if they could have a do-over, would have preferred the government NOT gut its intelligence and military communities on nonsense spending programs (especially if it meant more protection).  We’ll see when liberal NY City goes up in a cloud if this kind of thinking can finally permeate a liberal mind…

Doubtful, they’ll blame the US, just like they did 9/11.

Roman Empire Fell To.

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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  1. December 10, 2008 at 7:56 am

    You forget the fact that the Liberals want American cities to be obliterated by terrorists. Liberals want America in ruins so that they can move on to some global socialist utopia.

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