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How The Dems Will Destroy US Economy

For those not aware, the Canada Free Press is an excellent conservative publication, one we should keep our eye on, good stuff has been coming out of the CFP for years, such as BHO’s ridiculous position on global warming.

Every claim, ever assertion by the Enviro Marxists and wacko supporters are false.  Al Gore’s movie was a movie with zero factual truth or relevance (when he wasn’t talking about himself) and most other Enviro-alarmist chicken littling have also proven to be absurd or false (overpopulation, DDT, Alar, etc..)

But BHO embraces all of this nonsense.  Alan Caruba does an excellent job below dismantling the Envirowacko claims in the piece below.

We ourselves should know better.  They told us in the 1970s we were facing an Ice Age..then in the 1990s they told us we’re getting too hot.  Data now indicates that we’re cooling and, coincidentally, the same wackos changed the term from “Global Warming” to “climate change” to misdirect us to the fact that they’ve been absurdly wrong twice and to prevent any future embarrassment, “climate change” can be applied to both cold and warm or ANY change in the temperature… presupposing the Earth has a static or mean temperature which is also absurdly false.

For the record, there is no “standard” temperature for the Earth and EnviroMarxists are rarely correct.  Their policies have resulted in millions dead and stand on the precipice of destroying the number 1 economy in the world.

They’ll take my Jeep from my cold dead hands!



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  1. December 9, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    How was our action against DDT either “absurd or false?”

  2. December 10, 2008 at 7:38 am

    The lies spread by Rachel Carlson in her make-believe (and nonfactual) book “Silent Spring” had no basis in fact with respect to DDT. DDT has never been proven by any scientific research to be a threat to humans or wildlife other than insects. Supporters of DDT in speeches would consume a spoonful of the substance during the speech with no ill effect. Even EPA scientists in the 1970s found no causal relationship between DDT and the supposed “softening of Bald Eagle” egg shells. Still, for political reasons only, the EPA decided to ban the substance.

    DDT has been the number one most successful weapon in the fight against Malaria. We used DDT to eradicate Malaria in America and Africa was using DDT to great affect until EnviroMarxists stepped in to ban the stuff. Since the ban, millions upon millions of Africans have perished, all based on the ASSUMPTION ONLY that DDT was harmful to wildlife. I can tell you first hand, from the Africans I know who have lost family members to Malaria that if they had a choice between their son or daughter versus a warble billed African Loon, they’d pick their son or daughter–especially since the threat to the Loon is mere theory and not based on certifiable evidence.

    We now have the West Nile Virus threatening Americans and DDT is still the very best pesticide, the most safe, that can be deployed which could completely eliminate this threat. Yet EnviroWackos care more about supposed threats to the environment (real or imagined, the environment should not trump human life) and use political presure to continue to ban life saving DDT in this country.

    Here is yet another example of millions of people dead thanks to leftist dogma. The derision I hold for the left cannot even be calculated accurately. The politics of liberalism (Socialism, Fascism, and Communism) alone led to the deaths of over 250,000,000 in wars, collectivization, and forced famine since 1919. When we add up the death toll thanks to leftist environmentalism, we’re rolling at well over 300,000,000 and counting.

    Provided below are a couple of sources that support DDT.


    New York Times: Fight Malaria With DDT

    AIM Column | By Reed Irvine | December 24, 2002

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