The piece from Investor’s Business Daily only scratches the surface of just how much the Democrat Party of the United States has cheapened elections, especially since the 1990s.  They lie, cheat and steal and would make the Russians take pause over their corruption.

Recall that the reason why McCain had to craft legislation attacking our free speech was because Bill Clinton widely violated the EXISTING campaign finance law at the time.  Instead of answering charges for yet ANOTHER scandal, Congress let him off the hook by passing new legislation.

But the Dems also have been busy trying (and succeeding) at stealing elections.  Recall that it was Al Gore (not Bush) that tried to use the courts to steal the presidency in 2000.  The leftists in the court system tried to rewrite FL election law, disenfranchised Panhandle and military voters, and arguably the entire state.  Thank the lord the Supreme Court back then recognized judicial activism when they saw it.  But the Democrats learned from that experience and managed:

  • To steal the Washington State Governor election
  • Prepped to steal the election from Bush in 2004 (couldn’t, he won by too many votes, but the lawyers were standing by)
  • Seem on the verge of stealing the Minnesota Senatorial election

ACORN certainly did indeed “make up” voters and votes for Franken, who is an idiot by any standard of the word.

And now we have more campaign finance fuzziness.  The new “Clinton” BHO has managed to skirt any semblance of fairness or playing within the constraints of McCain/Feingold.  Ironically, it is amusing that McCain’s own legislation would be the vehicle BHO would use to defeat him, still, I’m not happy knowing that BHO received hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign sources to buy this election.

Make no mistake:  Corruption = Democrat Party of the United States


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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