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The Wall Mart Effect In Danger.

Yes, the Unions will hold sway with this new pro-Lenin government and I say let them pass their equivalent of tyranny upon our workers and businesses.  The Employee Free Choice Act is part of Orwellian “Doublespeak” as Communists are so adept at using.  

Employees do not have free choice in this bill, they are not allowed to vote their decision in secret (like we do for our government), which means brown shirts can intimidate the workers, just like in Fascist Germany.

This leads into my advice for Republicans in Congress….vote to oppose any and all leftist votes but do not filibuster or prohibit them.  We should use the same strategy the Dems used against our president, but in reverse.  Recall that the Democrats refused to pass Bush-led reform and pro-growth GDP initiatives.  The tax cuts were temporary, they blocked any chance of reforming social security or the tax code.  They did so because they knew these systems would work and discredit them.  The tax cuts worked as advertised and we enjoyed a pro-growth economy up until the Democrats took control of Congress again, that is no coincidence mind you.

Republicans then should use a different approach.  We KNOW their programs don’t work, but the American people have forgotten what Marxism means and does.  So pass them.  Pass them all.  Let the Democrats increase taxation again to 70%, let them nationalize health care, let them kill productivity with the Employee Free Choice Act and cap and trade, and let them pass a police state with BHO’s national police force.  Let them oppose so much intervention on businesses that FDI refuses to invest, businesses  depart our nation in droves, and/or succumb to bankruptcy.

I want the American people to see in action how the Laffer Curve truly works, because we have forgotten the basics.

When these initiatives collapse and create more misery, the Republican Party will have a core group of conservatives (as the RINOs keep losing elections) that can rise from the leftist pall, reverse these acts and decisions, and finally implement the kind of change both Bush and McCain were talking about.

Investor’s Business Daily: Soviet Unions.

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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