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Will Obama Gut Defense?

What liberal president in the past 30 years HASN’T?

The US military is facing a crisis. Its equipment is criminally old and would be hard pressed to persevere against a determined Great Power foe right now. Those who feel the Great Power wars have passed us by need to take into consideration what happened in Georgia last summer. The fact is, the Russians and the Chinese are spending major fortunes to upgrade their military, fielding the latest generations of MiGs, SAMs, surface ships, surface missiles, and yes, NUKES, while our nation fiddles, ignores the threat, prepares for insurgencies, and spends trillions on Marxist programs that help no one, defend no one, sinks us ever further into debt while doing nothing to prop up GDP, and ruins our economy.

BHO has already made clear he’ll eliminate “unproven” missile defense, (ignoring the FACT that the USS Lake Erie proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that missile defense works, and works as advertised) and ignore space defense systems. He says this even while our enemies work night and day to develop missile systems that can reach our shores, and deploy advanced systems NOW. BHO in his naive approach to defense, believes missile and spaces systems and upgrades to our nuclear arsenal should be scrapped.

I have no idea what kind of military the United States will have after a BHO administration, it is horrifying to even contemplate a Clinton-like gutting…as Zell Miller said in 2004, (and I paraphrase), “What are we supposed to use? Spitballs?”

Reagan understood his job title: to defend the Unites States. Which is why he refused to take missile defense off the table at Rejavik. He could not in good conscience leave the people of the United States defenseless against missile attacks. BHO doesn’t get this very basic consideration. His approach to national defense is disarmament, and ONLY the disarmament of the US, not her enemies.

From defense, to his affiliations with those who hate America, to his pork barrel/corrupt appropriations, to his ultra liberal voting record, to his “Jimmy Carter” approach to foreign policy, this man is unfit, unqualified, and clueless to serve as president.

Capitol Hill Dems Want to Target the Pentagon.

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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  1. Doc'
    October 30, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Who Am I ?

    I’m intelligent.
    I’m gifted.
    I’m charismatic.
    I’m an eloquent speaker.
    I’m skillful and driven.
    I’m fair.
    I’m benevolent.
    I’m a politician.
    I’m seeking the highest office in the land.
    I come from humble beginnings.
    I represent the working class.
    I speak for the average citizen.
    I care about you.
    I know your pain.
    I know times are hard.
    I know you are fed-up with the current state of affairs.
    I know you’ve lost your sense of national pride.
    I know you feel cheated.
    I know you feel hopeless.
    I know you feel miserable.
    I know you feel unrepresented.
    I know you want change.
    I promise to work for you everyday.
    I promise to improve your life.
    I offer you inspiration.
    I offer you hope.
    I offer you change.

    Millions love me.
    Thousands attend my rallies.
    They love my speeches.
    Women sometimes faint when they hear me speak.
    I move them to tears.
    I appeal to the masses.
    I inspire them.
    I motivate them.
    I elevate them from their despair.
    I am greatly admired.
    I am eagerly followed.
    Some call me the “Messiah”.
    Some call me the “Savior”.
    I believe I am called by God Himself.
    All want me to be their leader.

    Who am I you ask?

    I Am Adolf Hitler.

    Let us not be fooled again by the “Cult of Personality”.
    “Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”

    The methods of mass persuasion Obama is using are NOT new. The exact same tactics have been used by virtually every other tyrant in history when they were attempting to seize political power.
    These tactics are not simply a well thought out plan, they are instead literally dictated by the psychological makeup of men like Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Idi Amin, and Barack Hussein Obama.
    Of all the tyrants in history, Obama is perhaps the MOST dangerous of all by virtue of his use of the extensive and technologically advanced mass media which was not available in the past.

    To learn more about why Obama seems to be “repeating history”,
    Click the links below:




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