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Obama the Socialist

No, Americans do not understand what it is.  Its base definition is this:  the means of production are owned by the state.  Essentially, wealth then is owned by the state and redistributed amongst the kool aid drinkers.

The class gets an “A” if they can identify the political ideologist who proclaimed a tax system should be progressive.  If you said Karl Marx, you aced it.  If you know that a progressive tax system was implemented by a Marxist president, Woodrow Wilson, you also get an “A.” 

Note to all:  a nation cannot tax nor spend itself into prosperity.  Spreading the wealth around does not grow the economy, it merely takes wages away from one family and gives it to another.  It punishes the wage earner, and rewards those who do not earn.   It punches those who contribute to society in the mouth, and “high fives” those who are a drag on society.  It does not increase GDP.

Do you want to know how much of your taxes went to unconstitutional, redistribution of wealth programs?  Put in your income for a baseline, check it out:


You’ll note that of all those programs, only the funding of our National Defense is specifically mentioned in the Constitution… over and over again I might add.  Of your taxes, over 50% of what they take goes to redistribution of welfare programs:  Social Security, Medicare, Misc Health care, and “Income Security”, none of which are identified in the Constitution (and I’m sorry, but the preamble does not count as a constitutional imperative, for the program to be constitutional, it must be identified in Articles I, II, or III, or in the amendments, not the intro).

Think what you could have done with the wages you earned if taxes weren’t taken from you to pay for Social Security, Medicare, Misc Health Care, and Income Security.  Would’ve been nice for both you and the economy if you could’ve kept that money to:  invest, save, or consume I’d image.

But don’t worry, a B. Hussein administration will ensure that even MORE expenditures will go toward the unconstitutional programs and LESS will be earmarked into the one program that defends us all:  the constitutionally chartered Defense spending…

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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  1. joe
    October 25, 2008 at 7:16 am

    Actually you can argue that income tax in the US has been progressive since it’s earliest implementations, since high income earners were taxed and low and middle income earners were not. That goes all the way back to Lincoln. Still exactly the same concept, just a more simple application.

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