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Afghan Border Run Down

Pakistani Soldier at Khyber Pass
A Pakistani soldier at his post above the Khyber Pass

Much going on in Afghanistan these days and the good folks at STRATFOR gives a very good breakdown of the geopolitical (geography politics) of the situation.  The fact of the matter is, that even with all the challenges, we are doing well.  ISAF/NATO has not provided the necessary force structure, nor Rules of Engagement (ROE) needed to win this and, apart form the ROE, they could not possibly do so.  To secure a border such as this, if it is even possible, would take up-wards of 1/2 million men, and even that might not be sufficient.

That is a force structure the US could not even muster at this point, much less NATO, even if we had zero Brigade Combat Teams in Iraq.

For BHO and the left to so callously claim they would be able to find bin Laden in this is ludicrous.  Remember, the left can’t find a reporter that can tie links from BHO and William Ayers (a process easily done using Google), much less find bin Laden in the mountainsides along the rim of the Hindu Kush.  Its population alone dwarfs that of New England.

So the idea is to fight the insurgency, win the big battles, and continue to build up the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) and to do so against a backdrop of heavy corruption that is systemic not only to Afghanistan, but the entire region as-a-whole.  The Russians were masters at corruption and not so long ago, much of Central Asia were Soviet SSRs.

Add to the fact that this is a traditionalist Sunni Islam country amidst tribal elements and what you have is a soup sandwich. 

Hence, unlike Iraq, this is indeed a long, long insurgency.  Aside from Bush’s amazing success in Iraq, defeating this insurgency will not be done within 5 years.  This is a standard, 10-15 year fight, just like most insurgencies and it requires deft maneuvering.  Military, law enforcement, diplomacy, information operations (we stink at this), infrastructure, economics, all play a role in defeating an insurgency, and this one is no different.  Given a predominantly illiterate population, we do indeed have a long road ahead.

Which is why we need a John McCain to direct this rudder and not a clueless BHO.  McCain understands a thing or two about insurgencies, during his young adult life, he helped fight one both in the air and in a POW camp.  In contrast, BHO spent his young adult life enjoying cocaine with Communists and Radicals.  BHO gets his advice from the very same Carter team that helped set the stage for the war we’re fighting, when he destabilized Iran and opened the door for a Soviet invasion into Afghanistan.  McCain takes his cues from the man who won the Vietnam War in 1973 and set the conditions for Reagan’s Cold War win.

It is America’s call.  I wouldn’t have someone as corrupt and clueless as BHO manage a parking space, much less the most powerful country in the world.


US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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