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Investors Real Fear: A Socialist Tsunami

The investor flight had already been underway now for the better part of the year due to the fact that Bush’s tax cuts will go away within 2 years. Now with the current crisis, frozen credit, and a shaky future, the worst has yet to come. If we do indeed elect BHO, then our free market system is doomed for all intents and purposes.

Enticing the investor class to create jobs and opportunities in America may now seem hopeless. If business-friendly and pro-growth GDP legislation are not crafted and implemented, we will indeed experience a depression.

While the media and the left blame Bush, we all know the truth. Under Bush and a Republican Congress, we had excellent growth and a resilient economy. Bush’s economy was able to weather some of the highest spikes in oil prices and still generate higher growth than the Socialist economies of Europe. The tax cuts implemented by Bush were able to weather 2 wars, a dreadful 2005 hurricane season that crippled Gulf of Mexico oil production, held up a major port (New Orleans), and put an entire State in economic distress (FL). I cannot in recent memory count the many challenges Bush’s economy had to weather during his presidency and still attain positive growth, which it did. A mild increase in gas prices and a dot.com bubble burst hurt Clinton’s economy, good thing he didn’t have to endure what Bush endured, Clinton wouldn’t have made it past 1996.

The extraordinary growth enjoyed by Bush began to end the instant the Democrats took power in Congress in 2007. They worked overtime to ensure oil supplies remained tight with respect to demand, did nothing to address the sub prime mortgage crisis that ensued as a result of the oil spikes, and spent, spent, spent as if money was in endless supply. While businesses began to succumb to bankruptcy due to the higher gas prices, congress didn’t lift a finger. When financial companies began to realize they were in trouble, congress didn’t lift a finger. When the economy began to slow down, congress’ response was not to pass pro-growth supply side legislation, but to pass demand-side rebate checks and pork spending, which did absolutely nothing to grow the economy–it never does.

From taxes, to trade, to regulation, to prohibition of energy production, this congress has set the stage for a depression. If BHO makes it in with a leftist congress, things will go from bad to worse and there will be no light at the end of the tunnel for quite some time, because Marxist/Leninsts do not understand economics whatsoever. BHO certainly doesn’t.

Socialism will come to the United States, the means of production will be owned by the State, our liberties will reflect those of other Socialist regimes (like Nazi Germany–we already see evidence of that..don’t dare call B. Hussein Obama by his name Hussein, the jack booted thugs will come for you).&nb sp;

GDP will drop, and the market will exist in name only. Just like FDR ensured the Great Depression continued, so too will BHO ensure this economic mess will continue as well.

God help us.

Investors’ Real Fear: A Socialist Tsunami

US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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