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Joe Biden: Clueless

For those of you who just read my recent posts, you already know more about Hezbollah than Joe Biden does. If you watched the debates, Biden made some creepy assertion that our President allowed Hezbollah into Lebanon and he also made the bizarre claim that he and BHO advised that NATO go into Lebanon and Bush said no. He also said that Bush somehow “let Hezbollah back in”… 


“Out there”…this is a case of someone needing to put the crazy aunt back in the attic. None of this is even remotely true. This was a huge gaffe beyond belief. Biden’s foreign policy “expertise” belongs in a comic book or the “alternative reality” subsection of the science fiction aisle of a bookstore. 


As I had explained, Hezbollah is a terror group formed IN LEBANON to conduct insurgency/terror operations against Israeli forces who invaded Lebanon in 1982. When the Israelis left in 2000, Hezbollah’s entire reason to exist ended, but the organization continued to plan and strategise against both Israel and Lebanon…all this happened WAAAYYY before President Bush came into office. 


In essence, Bush has nothing to do with Hezbollah being in Lebanon, Joe. 


Biden’s classic international liberalism and its failures were on display here. He asserts that NATO should been brought in to S. Lebanon and do whatever he thinks they could do there. First and foremost, that is not NATO’s charter, thus making it an impossible assertion.  Israel and Lebanon are not NATO members so NATO has no role there functionally. NATO’s basic mission is to deter aggressors with the promise of a combined military response on an aggressor should any member state be attacked, hence Afghanistan.  Since Israel and Lebanon are not in NATO, the idea that NATO should stretch itself further by sending a force into S. Lebanon is LUDICROUS. 


This international liberalism approach already failed in S. Lebanon because THERE IS ALREADY AN ENTITY THERE, JOE!!! There is an entity already in S. Lebanon that is there supposedly to keep the peace:

UNIFIL or the UN Interim Force in Lebanon and it is a joke to say the least. It did nothing while Hezbollah armed and fired rockets into N. Israel. It remains doing nothing while Hezbollah re-arms after the thrashing it got from Israel in 2006.  


Biden is already apparently unaware that NATO already has a significant mission, it’s ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Biden wants to divert troops  from Afghanistan to go into S. Lebanon? NATO’s hands are full right now as it is not even able to get its act straight in Afghanistan so to suggest that NATO is even remotely capable of pacifying Hezbollah is indeed a stretch. 


Israel is quite capable of doing that all by her lonesome, if we let her. 


Incredible as this one was, it was just one fabrication of an entire EVENING of fabrications from Joe Biden. He lied about EVERYTHING. He lied about his hometown, he got the Constitution dorked up, he screwed up West Bank/Gaza Strip, he mis characterized McCain’s voting record, he lied about BHO’s “no preconditions” meeting with Ahmadi-nejad. It went on and on and on all night long every single time he opened his mouth and the criminal liberal media has the flippin’ audacity to suggest this man WON????!!!


BHO is an empty suit, we all know that. But this was beyond the pale…



US Air Force MSgt (Ret)


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  1. October 5, 2008 at 9:02 am

    The lies told by Biden were numerous and blatant as are the lies told by Barack Obama. The mainstream Liberal media will let them slide, as they always do.

    The Democratic Party plays on the ignorance of their base. They create government run school systems whose sole purpose is to create a new generation of the ignorant and easily-led.

    All one needs to do is read the majority of Leftist political blogs or the rantings of those Liberals that leave comments on blogs to see the lack of intelligence and education than runs amok in the Democratic Party.

    The Democratic Party pretends to fight for the rights of the oppressed as they give them just enough to create the appearance of concern for the plight of their foolish base.

    They will never create a system that allows for success and real education for all. The Democratic Party’s base would disintegrate.

    A more-honest slogan for the Democratic Party would be, “Stay stupid, America; we need your votes!”

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