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Talk is NOT Cheap With Iran

The below is is absolutely correct, so too was John McCain. BHO is indeed naive and does not understand that high level talks with Iran are a “no go” without preconditions and without coming from a position of strength. Right now, sad-to-say, Iran is not at all intimidated by any power in Europe outside of Russia. Last year the nation was able to take hostage British Naval personnel without any danger of reprisal from the UK. 


We’ve been down this road with Iran before, and they have been offered the moon in incentives to just give up their ties to terror and their nukes, and their response was an unmitigated “NO”. Quite frankly, there isn’t much left to discuss with Iran that hasn’t already been discussed. Recently, a joint US/Russia economic sanction plan did not deter Iran’s position in the least. 


Talks with Saddam didn’t amount to much. We all know what it took to end Saddam’s path…worked pretty convincingly as well. 


BHO thinks you can have tea with these people and they’ll bow to your appeasement overtures. When appeasement has ever worked is beyond me, but that is exactly BHO’s “big plan.” It will fail and worse, it will strengthen Iran in the world’s eyes, and lower US prestige not unlike what Kruschev did to JFK or Brezhnev did to Carter after milk and cookie meetings. 


JFK and Carter’s meetings with this bunch proved disastrous:


Not long after Kruschev’s meeting with JFK, Kruschev built the Berlin Wall. 


Not long after Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Brezhnev, and after calculating Carter’s measure, Brezhnev promptly invaded Afghanistan. 


We can only imagine what Ahmadi-nejad will do after he makes a fool of BHO… 





US Air Force MSgt (Ret) 

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  1. October 3, 2008 at 7:18 am

    I agree with some of what you said…however, Iran is a stronger military than they were a decade ago..if the US attacks Iran will most likely bomb oil tankers in the gulf and with the capabilities of being able to bomb oil fields in Saudi and having Hezbollan fire continous rockets into Israel..Iran will hit where we are the most strained- our economy.Iran will not be Iraq. We had better hope someone will negotiate with them. Ahmadinejad is only a mouthpiece…The Supreme leader is the true leader of Iran with an anti-Sunni mentality. This may not be “Mission Accomplished”

  2. October 3, 2008 at 8:31 pm


    Thank you so much for the comments, they are not lost on planners whatsoever, Iran does indeed have a capable military. So too did Saddam Hussein both in 1991 and in 2003. In fact, Saddam Hussein had what military analysts called “the Cadillac” of Middle East militaries until it faced the US military.

    Iran has made an awful lot of blustery statements about its military capabilities, yet Israeli F-16s were able to dodge Iranian-style air defenses and attack a WMD site in Syrian in 2007, undetected and unmolested. Furthermore, it’s footage of their missile capabilities were “photo shopped”, so what we see isn’t a reality.

    Our Navy is the strongest on the planet and will not allow the Gulf to close. Missile sites will be destroyed by PGMs and Aegis defenders will take out missiles aimed at the Gulf. Even if Iran is able to close down the Gulf, it will not last very long.

    But the underlying point you make is valid, oil prices will go through the roof during any action against Iran and the world knows that. It is WHY we have the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and we’ll have to release those supplies during any conflict with Iran. The good news here is that the Congress was unable to continue the ban on off-shore drilling, so the process to produce the billions of oil we sit on is already underway.

    While losses and costs will be high, the alternative is unthinkable. A nuclear-armed Iran will destabilize the region in ways that are unacceptable. It could result in an arms race against the Arabs, it may result in Israel being FORCED into a preemptive nuclear strike, certainly nuclear blackmail would now become part of international affairs. The most nightmarish is who Iran might give these weapons to, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc…

    All that being said, this whole thing may be more about Iraq than anything else. In the world of geopolitics, what we see in the mainstream is not what happens behind the scenes, or is divorced from the reality (much like Joe Biden is divorced from the truth). Given the criminal liberal media’s uncanny ability to “always get it wrong”, you are probably not getting very good analysis. Iran’s true strategic interests are to prevent a strong Iraqi army supplied with US weapons existing next door. Thus, in reality much of what Iran is doing is an attempt to get a deal from the US about Iraq.

    Still, that does not alter the fact that the nuclear road they are on is unacceptable and must be stopped at all costs.


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