The EMP Threat

September 19, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had a loony lippy lib (LLL) attack me recently over a post I presented that included warnings of a potential EMP attack. The LLL hysterically claimed I was fear mongering (I paraphrase) and that the threat is more ‘Neocon nonsense’ to scare us all into more defense funding and missile shield spending.


Defense of the nation is never really important to libs, they’d rather fund hippy museums and spousal hospitals instead of ensuring our nation is defended from attacks.


The EMP threat is extremely real. From defense briefings I received while assigned to HQ Air Force Special Ops Command (AFSOC) not just a few years ago, many experts would express sleepless nights over this eventuality. From Intel folks, the briefing would inherently include the comment “Not IF, but WHEN.”


Defense of our nation is not something to gamble around with. Of all the things our government funds, defending us is not an activity that should be so callously “dice rolled”, it should be priority number one. The Russians and the Chinese are churning out state-of-the-art military arms and platforms at a dizzying pace, while we dither on F-22s, tankers, CSAR-X, Naval ships, and other essential “needed yesterday” equipment.


It was recently reported that the Chinese are now training 50 aircraft carrier pilots, and last year shot down a satellite. The Russians are fielding S-300 and S-400 SAMs.


This is no joke.


The EMP threat is extremely real, but the good news is that it is 100% defensible. The EMP delivery system is a simple ballistic missile which, so long as we continue apace, our missile defense shield can easily knock out. Of course Obama has already made it clear he opposes a missile defense system and would probably work to dismantle what we have already in place (via Aegis cruisers).


Dr Carafano explains the threat quite succinctly below in words that even an LLL can understand…


I think…



US Air Force MSgt (Ret)


September 18, 2008

Congress Should Establish EMP Recognition Day

James Carafano, PhD

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