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Jamie Gorelick, Clinton Crony

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Jamie Gorelick

Jamie Gorelick


Yes, the real culprits in this sub prime mortgage mess is the party that believes the Government knows more about the free market than the free market. Government’s involvement in the free market leads to more messes than I can even count, but the sub prime mortgage mess breaks down to this simple issue:


  • Loans and mortgages were given to those who had no possible, financial means to meet their obligations. Folks who make $60K per year were given mortgages on houses worth $500K or higher without requirement to provide collateral, or even a plan on how to repay the loan if their variable interest rate rose. Which is what happened. That is absolute insanity and is why we are here now.

The question then is why did lenders dole out these types of loans?


Look no farther than the Community Redevelopment Act crafted by a Democrat Congress and enacted into law by a Liberal president, Jimmy Carter. The effort, while lofty, was a means for lenders to allow loans to those with little collateral or means to obtain houses.


Clinton took this even farther, on steroids in fact. As stated below, he used the power of the Executive to impose fines against lenders who refused to approve loans to those of little means. With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac serving as a stopgap, lenders had nothing but incentive to approve iffy loans because the government fined them if they did not, and Fannie Mae promised to accept any defaults.


The defaults of course began to roll in on an order of magnitude.


There’s a name that keeps popping up, a Clinton crony, whose fingers are all over the Fannie Mae mess, 9/11, and corruption… Jamie Gorelick. She authored the disastrous “Gorelick Wall” that prohibited law enforcement and intelligence agencies from sharing notes. The wall was the primary reason why Mohammad Atta and his group escaped police scrutiny and helped enable 9/11.  You can read the “truth about the wall” here


Gorelick also served on the board of directors of Fannie Mae, and was part of the accounting cook booking scheme which has resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars in losses and is now owned by the taxpayer.

Gorelick pocketed $26 million from her Fannie Mae affiliation.


She also represented Duke University in defense of the lawsuit filed by the Duke Lacrosse Team who were falsely accused of rape by a lying, drug addled, prostitute.


Jamie Gorelick, Clinton crony, had far more to do with some of the most disastrous events in the 2000s than Bush ever will. In fact, Bush is trying to clean up the messes made by the “Madame of Chaos”…



US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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