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China, Russia and Central Asia

September 15, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Excellent piece below centering on Central Asia. It has been my contention now for many posts that Russia and China have intersecting interests in Central Asia, and I’m pleased to see the fine folks at Strategy Page sees this as well; getting the awareness “out there” of this geopolitical issue is important. It is not always about the US.


In essence, it is not in Russia’s interest to alienate the US when they have a potentially big problem with an unstoppable China in their backyard.


Regardless of the current issues between the US and Russian and the US and China, the geopolitical issue will be Russia and China because the two have conflicting interests in a resource-rich region in both nations’ back doors. While Russia has had many centuries of Imperial influence and behavior in the area, the collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in a vacuum period. With China coming of age as a Great Power with energy needs, Central Asia is now host for a potential “Great Game” with all sorts of interesting elements. 


China needs the energy, and the Islamic Ouighars are posing a security problem for China’s Central Asian romp. Russia has decided to assert itself in Central Asia and it would like to control the oil production there. 


Russia is demographically dying as a nation, it has an awful lot of empty land with unproduced natural resources. China has over a billion people, and an awful lot of single men who cannot find a mate. China needs resources…and land (Liebensraum).


As it stands, it may appear to most that both Russia and China are gunning for us and that we’re the lonely super power here. But I see that changing, and possibly quicker than we may think. Russia’s move didn’t just make us antsy, it had reverberations all throughout Asia as well. While China may have US issues, clearly our wars were in defense of our nation, but Russia’s aggression to Georgia was not necessary.


Georgia posed no threat. The action now forces China to take pause and begin to take a more keen notice of Central Asia and Russia–and that may not bode well for Putin.


China to the rescue.



US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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