Honor Killings

September 14, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments


Whether or not honor killings is or is not culturally Islamic, it certainly is a reality amongst the Muslim community.  This kind of behavior is indeed barbaric, even by Western Middle Ages standards, regardless of the history of Italian Catholics.  No pope that I am aware of ever issued a “bull” in support of honor killings.

The Italians, and other ethnicities who participated did so based on their culture, not on their religion.


While it is true that Islam did not originate the practice, it certainly now supports and enables such behavior as we are now witnessing.


This is not just relegated to the backwaters of Islamistan, we are seeing many, many instances of honor killings being perpetrated all over Europe and now in the United States.  What’s worse, the left and multiculturalists explain the practice away, or consider it just a “matter of crime” not culture or failure to integrate into the host country.


Conservative Feminist groups like The Independent Women’s  Forum have been extremely critical of the practice, but leftist feminist groups, like NOW, have been extremely silent.  I can think of no greater women’s issue than honor killing, yet NOW is quiet (probably because multiculturalism is a left wing ideology and thus NOW cannot possibly criticize such actions).


Much can be done and a message must be sent. Congress should consider an act solely targeting honor killings calling for the death  penalty for any and all such actions.  Much more vetting of Muslim immigrants to our country needs to be considered, and certainly radical Mosques that preach such practices should be shut down immediately.  We must let the Islamic street know that America will not tolerate honor killings.


Women should not have their eyes gouged out for failure to have sex with their husband, or murdered because of an innocent Facebook posting.


We talk about hate crimes?  This is clearly a hate crime by any stretch of the imagination and oppression by any standard and the American left is once again nowhere to be found


To learn more about this disgusting practice, visit this site.



US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

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