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The Sorry State of Intelligence

September 13, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments


Yes, we can AGAIN point to the Democrat party of the United States for crippling our ability to defend ourselves, in this case our intelligence capabilities. The Church Committee began a series of processes, led by Democrats, that hamstrung and tore down a very good intelligence agency–our James Bond folks were decimated. 


Senator Frank Church (Democrat) led a committee that devolved our intelligence capabilities and led the way for further attacks against the men and women of the CIA. The process continued under Clinton in the 1990s. We are all familiar with the Gorellick Wall, but we may not be familiar with the actions of the despicably corrupt Democrat Senator  from New Jersey, Robert Torricelli who also worked to pass “reform”

that made it illegal for our intelligence operatives to work with “shady” characters. The CIA was not allowed to recruit or obtain information from criminals or other local terrorists and scum thanks to Sen Torricelli. 


Ludicrous! What utter nonsense! Even law enforcement work with CIs of questionable character, often paying them, because it is these folks who KNOW the terrain the best. There is nothing pretty about the dirty work of HUMINT (Human Intelligence), but it is absolutely vital if we are to have any chance at preparing for catastrophic events, and countering the plans of insurgents AND Great Powers. 


Torture? A must. Even though the dream world of the  Democrats believe that tea and biscuit meetings are the best format to obtain intel, in the real world, it is far uglier than that and torture is indeed an effective method of obtaining information. Any liberal that tells you otherwise lives in a world where the sky is blue and butterflies land on their wrist, whilst blue birds chirp near rainbows; Disney World in effect, but certainly not reality. 


When it comes to defending our nation, liberals are always on the wrong side of the priority and it always seems that if the president is a Democrat, cuts to military and intelligence capabilities are not far behind.



US Air Force MSgt (Ret)


Who Doesn’t Dare, Loses 

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