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Jimmy Carter, A Review

September 12, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Very good piece below reminding all of us that appeasement and tea and biscuit meetings with our enemies is the wrong approach. 


The loss of Iran as a staunch ally in the Middle East thanks to Carter is one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the history of our country. The loss of Vietnam pales in comparison to the loss of Iran, bar none. His undermining of the Shah and eventual forced abdication directly destabilized the region. Iran immediately became a radical Islamic state, hijacked American property and citizens, and began a policy of attacking the West using terrorism. 


But that’s not all. Overnight, Iran became a weaker nation without a Great Power patron. As a result, Saddam immediately invaded Iran and turned the Persian Gulf into an 8yr combat zone. The loss of a strong Iran also meant that there was no regional power to check the Russian decision to invade Afghanistan, thus devolving that nation into 30 straight years of war of which we are steal dealing with the ramifications today (I write this while in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, a legacy of Carter). 


Entities such as Hamas and Hezbollah, prior to al Qaeda, became the terror group with the most American kills, and they owed their existence to radical Iran who owed its existence to Jimmy Carter. 


Oh, but Carter’s incompetence does not end there. Not only did Nicaragua become communist on his watch , so too did a MASSIVE Latin American insurgency begin that terrorized nations from Guatemala all the way to S. America, the worst being El Salvador. These insurgencies were fueled not just by Cuba, but by Nicaragua as well and Carter did NOTHING. 


Soviet-sponsored terror groups also became the norm in W. Europe and Japan as gangs such as the Red Brigade and Bader Meinoff were the nommes de guerre we all became familiar with. 


Carter also literally canceled or opposed every single major defense department platform at a time when the Soviets were churning out next generation systems in record numbers. New SS missiles were being developed by the Russians while Carter was overruling the MX missile. 


 From misery indexes, stagflation, extremely high unemployment and inflation rates, windfall profits taxes, Mariel boat lifts, failed special ops missions, boycotted Olympics, Panama Canal giveaways, and a rampant, unchecked Soviet Union, the 4 short years of Jimmy Carter was close to catastrophic for our country…losing the entire Cold War and a depression were an extremely close reality thanks to the policies of this president. 


For the record, Obama’s policies mirror much of Jimmy Carter’s policies. Just for example, Obama has made it clear his opposition to missile defense–a system that has already proving to be extremely successful at shooting down threatening objects from space. Defense analysts insist that one of the most significant defense threats to our nation is the EMP, an attack that can effectively destroy all electronic systems all over the East Coast. An EMP attack can only be successfully employed via ballistic missile traveling through space or Scuds fired from vessels not far from our shore and both realities could be easily deterred or stopped by missile defense. 


It is Obama’s position then that the people of the United States remain defenseless against such an attack. 


Jimmy Carter, Obama? Peas in the same pod. 


Age And Experience: Carter’s Catastrophes  




US Air Force MSgt (Ret)

  1. September 12, 2008 at 8:32 am

    Very well-written, but quite wordy. It is as factual as much easier to just write:

    Jimmy Carter, A Review
    Traitor and enemy of America an the Free World.

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