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War in Iraq is Won!

In essence, when Anbar was handed over, any remnants of issues from the “Sunni Triangle” ended at that point. With very few exceptions, the Iraq War is over and we have won. The press won’t tell you, the media is silent, but for all intents and purposes Iraq is free, quickly becoming peaceful (less murders than Chicago) and it on its way to becoming a stable, viable, democratic state.


Thank you President Bush! Thank you US Military! Thank you Republican Party! Thank you John McCain for supporting the surge that even now Obama admits was successful.


No thanks to the media, No thanks to Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid/Jack Murtha/John Kerry/Obama/Joe Biden—you were all proven wrong! No thanks Democrat Party. No thanks anti-American crowd. No thanks to any think tank pundit POS that said Iraq was a lost cause.


Most of the left-leaning suits in DC were clueless and incorrect in their “analysis”, which means we should take pause on any other issue they might want to break down for us…right Brookings Institute? Most of academia’s foreign affairs “experts” were wrong. Those “historians”

that believe history will see Bush as a poor president will need to revise that assertion.


Let us review. The following entities were WRONG on Iraq:

  • The Media
  • The Democrat Party (with few exceptions, Lieberman being one of them)
  • The Anti-American crowd
  • Academia, in a big way
  • The left
  • The leftist think tanks

The Democrat Party leadership headed by Sens Obama and Biden (how often does Biden have to be wrong for people to realize this is NOT someone to turn to for foreign affairs advice?)


Matt Bruce 


Victory in Iraq! We Have Won! 


September 5, 2008 



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