Sarah Palin

In the short few days Sarah Palin has been the GOP nominee, this is what the left, the Democrats have said about her:

  • Unfit mother 
  • Lied about a pregnancy
  • Child not hers, but her daughters
  • Demanded DNA testing
  • Should not take the job due to family responsibilities
  • Should not have allowed a Down’s syndrome child come to term (the left believes this baby should have been killed)
  • Small town is no experience
  • Small state is no experience
  • 17 yr old pregnant daughter?
  • Abused power as Governor
  • Hear beat away and inexperienced (even though Obama has less than she and WOULD BE the heartbeat)

Not unlike the character assassination of Katherine Harris, they have gone after Palin’s makeup, hairstyle, and even her glasses.


Notice something? At what point are any of the above germane to the issues at hand?


Palin is more experienced than either Obama or Biden combined. In her first day as mayor in 1996, she amassed more executive experience than either Democrat ever.


And unless Joe Biden has actually worked in the State Department (which he has not), he DOES NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE IN FOREIGN AFFAIRS. He has made no negotiations with a foreign power. He has not been an ambassador. He has not crafted, developed, and implemented foreign policies of any type. He has not led a country team. His only role is to read what others DO and obstruct. The significance of Joe Biden’s decades with the Senate’s foreign affairs committee has been laughable at best, since his positions have been wrong throughout his entire Senatorial career.  In addition, I believe he has never worked nor lived overseas.  What he knows about foreign nations and cultures comes from his Marxist ideology.


And Marxism was a total disaster.


Oh, and he’s a plagiarist. Which, by definition, makes him a thief AND a liar.


As for Obama, his entire candidacy is an absolute joke. He is the JUNIOR Senator from Illinois with not ONE significant piece of legislation tied to his name. He is insignificant in the Senate, and he was insignificant in the Illinois Senate. He has reformed nothing, changed nothing, led nothing, and hasn’t even officially chaired a committee meeting. For almost 2 years, he’s been running for president, so he has been AWOL on the job. He has never reached across the aisle.


His positions have been disastrously wrong (opposed the surge) and in the short while he’s been in the Senate (and present to vote), he’s managed to amass the most liberal voting record in the entire Senate.

In effect, his short Senatorial career can be summed up by one powerful phrase: Dereliction of duty.


He has been affiliated with terrorists, communists, racist preachers, corrupt lobbyists, and even Islamic radicals. His mother was a white radical atheist who married Muslim men (with that kind of worldview in his upbringing in his formative years, one can only theorize as to what kind of values he internalized). At one point his MOTHER left him with his grandmother to raise–a woman he later disparaged with prejudice in one of his “memoirs.”


As a Senator, amazingly, his wife was able to obtain significant amounts of federal pork barrel money for her Chicago hospital, so the term corruption can be easily associated with this man as well.


If it was not for the biased media keeping these two imbeciles in the game by power of their positive reporting only, these two would be relegated to comic relief.


Neither Obama nor Biden are worthy to lick the soles of Sarah Palin’s boots…or any other American from a small town for that matter.


  1. September 5, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    Wow. This was a great blog! Good job!

  2. September 5, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Ironic indeed

    “First they came for Hillary, but we didn’t care. We hated her her too…”

  3. davespoint
    September 5, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Great points! I think she has been awesome, yet i find my self saddened by the behavior of the left and the media on this one. I wrote a blog entry, akin to yours, that focuses on the double standards that are being applied.

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